Vicuņa, hiking the hills

Trail Detail

These photos are mostly my way of remembering the trails that I'm so fond of.  So this kind of detail may get to be a bit much for you.  Feel free to hit the 'back' button (but you knew that)

 But if you decide to come along, let's stride out!




This is along the route of my favorite trail, which I hiked numerous times





The valley vista is always present





Again, this trail is where I encountered Manuel





And looking back a bit






Now, following the route that Manuel came from





This switchback was one of my favorite spots

Between two folds in the hills, blocked from valley view, I did vigorous vocal exercises




Near the summit of this trail, a panel that rotated, tracking with the sun

Dunno its function





Stopping for a typical lunch of bread, avocado, goat cheese, and tomato





If goat cheese is pure white, I suppose these are goat turds, but I'm not sure of that





After hiking the heights, here's one descent that I'm very fond of





In the middle distance here is a field where grapes are drying




Vicuņa and surroundings are a great area for the grape used in making Pisco, a brandy-like liquor


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