People, Livelihoods, & Merchandising






Indigenous dancer in Diaguitas, Chile

Could be a queen, right?





David in Vicuņa, Chile


Walking one day in Callingasta, a pueblo near Vicuņa, Chile, I came across Juan Antonio, just standing in the dirt road, looking around. 


We struck up a conversation, and he invited me to his home.

He has horses, and showed me his saddles and gear, and invited me to ride with him on Saturday.




I never did get back there to ride, but I couldn't resist trying on his poncho and sombrero de huaso





Another man in Callingasta with a sombrero de huaso




I often connected in friendly exchanges with groups of youths; here in Vicuņa, Chile




And another group, again in Vicuņa



And with Pietro and friends, with my favorite Tshirt




Mobile newspaper sales in Vicuņa




Raul and Claudia assist people parking their cars around the plaza in Vicuņa, working for tips

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