Polishing Their English


I've gone into classrooms in four different schools, helping the kids practice their English. 


In Sen Monorom, in eastern Cambodia, I was walking through the market, and came across a classroom, open to the street

I hung around outside, and the teacher invited me in





They peppered me with questions

I sang Duke Ellington's "I Like the Sunrise" for them

Great fun




In Siem Reap, co-founders Betsy Bradley and Sea Sophal have started the Bambooshoot Foundation

The basic idea is to search out Cambodian girls who already have some leadership talent, and provide them with training and financial assistance

They accomplish their work through education, food, and shelter

Part of the enterprise is the dormitory program, operated as an adjunct to Angkor High School



Josephine, the curriculum director for BambooShoot, invited me to her class



That's she at the rear of the class, with Nathan, an old colleague of hers, who also helped with the class

Sorry these several photos are so blurred


These girls are articulate, vital, assertive 

They bode well for the future of Cambodia



Next I went into Betsy's classroom



That's Betsy and--to her immediate right--Sovanna, the director of education



Sovanna and friend




Again, I sang "I Like the Sunrise"




Here's the dynamo herself, with half the class



the other half was monks


In each instance the routine was for students to ask me questions and, by hearing my answers, tune into yet another English speaker

Then I asked them questions, such as "What is your dream?"

Check 'em out 

Bambooshoot Foundation

Educational Center For Human Potential Development


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