Empowering Women, Growing Your Silk



In sleepy Stung Treng, Northeastern Cambodia, I saw this sign


Decided to check it out



So I catch a motorbike ride, and head out there



The center finds and trains poor women in the skills of sericulture (growing silkworms, spinning, dying, weaving silk)

They are then permanently employed at the center



I'm given a tour by Im, the Production Unit director



I was struck by this 


I thought it surely must be Paul Allen, Bill Gates' original partner


but no, another Allen





Sorry, I inadvertently deleted a bunch of photos from the center

So the story is not as complete as I'd hoped




Early stage of silkworms, but...




28 days later, having been given a healthy diet




The spinning room



The weaving center houes many looms




The Dye Center




Makara, the center's accountant and all-around functionary

Their products are marketed under the name of Mekong Blue

Visit their website for more information


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