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A calm, pleasant city

with a lively pedestrian-only street, with lots of shops

in one of which we were ganged up on by a bunch of giddy waitresses

who quickly appropriated our hats

Another  pleasant town

with many unpaved streets

lined by colorful and creative houses

(in stark contrast to Havana and other cities with grander structures)

walking along one of these streets I encountered LaAra˝a, who was hosing down the street in front of her house, to calm the dust

An ebullient woman, she laughingly made semi-suggestive gestures with her hose

As I chatted with her, she was joined by 88-year-old Aurelio...

...who himself engaged in humorous, suggestive gestures--to her great delight

What a pair!

On one of our walks Liv struck up a lively conversation with some boys on their way home from school

they were delighted to practice their English with her

Hmmm, are we on a Walt Disney set?

No, just an ordinary Trinidad street...

...many of which are cobblestone

On one of her walks, Liv met this
woman (with her daughter in front of their house) who walked her to a pottery factory where she works.

Half a block from our casa particular we saw a house purification ritual in progress

A Santeria ritual

Setting out for a walk, we head toward the river

and shortly encounter Idania...

...who works at the Varadero Golf Club

we're still in email contact

up ahead...

...a pig has been slaughtered

we continue walking

past more busy people

we pass this old relic...

...part of this string of buildings whose glory has long since faded,

while across the river

some structures that never had glory to begin with

We cross the river (bridge on the right) 

and presently encounter  Rogeli, whose  house lacks class--but his own Úlan suffices

We chat merrily for some minutes

Lovely man 

That evening, in a small plaza, we came across a rumba gathering

Matanzas is known for being very involved in the development of rumba in Cuba

Cuban rumba has a flavor quite distinct from salsa

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