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It's virtually a cliche to point out that Cuba is a land of contrasts

Crumbling sidewalks and buildings...

...but with pockets of elegance and much fine art

As in this bar in Habana Vieja

Not to mention this orchestra, playing more for the hoi polloi than for the elites

Doing what it takes to keep the family together...

...as are these folks at the local water distribution point

As Liv and I emerged from a restaurant one evening, we were approached by Luz, who pointed to our bag of food we'd thought would next day's lunch

We cheerfully gave it to her

Another day, lunch found us at an open-air restaurant facing on Cathedral Square

with Santeria priestesses (I think) dispensing wisdom at the next table

And not far away, Plaza Vieja

Along the way we strolled by El Capitolio, the former seat of Cuba's government; now home to the Cuban Academy of Sciences

and through some narrow streets

with vendors serving up great-looking veggies (all organic?)

and another

while along the Prado (pedestrian promenade), young bucks sport the latest coiffures
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