Kochi, Kathakali, and Kooking




After leaving Mamallapuram I spent several days in Trichy (Thiruchirapali)




A night in Dindigul

Then off to Kerala




A day visiting Munnar, site of the largest tea plantation in the world

Too cold for me, though; couldn't wait to get down to Kochi




Then back to the sea, at Fort Cochin (Kochi)

In my five days there I enjoyed many excellent meals...



...one of which was a scrumptious feast at the end of a cooking class staged by Lelu


Cook 'n' Eat




With her ace helper, who demonstrated most of the prep




Fish curry, vegetable curry, and several other wonderful dishes




Then we feasted

Absolutely scrumptious


Kathakali is an Indian dance-drama that originated in the 17th century here in Kerala

I attended a performance in Fort Cochin, arriving early to watch makeup being applied




Elaborate makeup, elaborate and stylized costumes



And voila!

A story is told with hugely expressive hand and facial gestures

Traditionally male actors play female parts--as here, with the one on the right



Note the catalog of hand expressions along the upper wall

Supporting musicians play in synch with the action 



And the next night, a delightful dinner with Indian classical music, at The Old Courtyard restaurant

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