Walking Neighborhoods   Part 1


Home My favorite tourist activity is walking neighborhoods, or connecting with people wherever I find them




As so often happens, I said Hi to this bunch of guys in Agra

They eagerly engaged me in lively conversation




...and they insisted I join them in a photo


Most of the cities I've visited in India are accustomed to tourists.

Dindigul, though, which I used as a stopover between Trichy and Munnar, is not

I walked this neighborhood





I attracted enormous interest wherever I walked




As I photographed kids, mommies and sisters were all eyes

At one point there were people looking on from the balconies and porches, probably 30 people engaged with me








Kids begged to be photographed, and immediately clustered 



Walking the streets in Trichy, I saw this crowd gathered




It was kerosene distribution time




And milk distribution in another town



No ostrich, but this man does indeed have his head buried in the sand




Turns out he's a street entertainer--see that little orange bowl that collects the coins?

Found him in Alleppey, Kerala


Walking the back streets of Mamallapuram I was hailed by a man on a balcony

Meet Parphu, with wife Pattu and daughter Tamil Arsi








Parphu invited me up for coffee




and proceeded to fix it and serve it




Walking the back streets in the Portuguese area of Panjim, Goa, I came across this lovely chapel



and across the way in front these cats had gathered




to play a few tunes for the feast of St Sebastian, patron saint of the chapel


Walking the streets in Fort Cochin, Kerala, I heard singing coming from a lighted doorway

I approached a small building, where a group inside was singing "Precious Lord, Take My Hand"

I couldn't resist joining in, since I knew every word by heart



In the back streets of Dindigul I followed this pickup

Fresh fruit delivery?




Not exactly




Getting ready for a wedding celebration




Needs no comment




Walking in Fort Cochin, I heard chanting, and poked my head into this small hall 

This gathering of women seated on the floor is such a typical sight in India




Outside, a display window featured a man who receives their respect and veneration 

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