Interviewing Iraqi men (refugees)
Sep 2
A'amer Nadhem and family


               A'amer             Ihab                  Shatha             Lara           Fadi
A'amer and his family differ in two primary respects from the other families I interviewed.

First, this is a Christian family, whereas the other four familes are all Muslim.

Second, this family receives no salary from CARE, but relies completely on remittances from relatives in the U.S.

And a minor difference is that they came to Jordan more recently:  in March of 2008.

When I asked him how he was coping with the uncertainty of his present and future situation, he said "Only God knows!"

And then he asked, plaintively, "Where can we go, what can we do?"

A'amer and his family were living well before the invasion, looking forward to a stable and secure future.  

After the invasion the militias began threatening Lara, saying that if she doesn't become Muslim, they will kidnap, rape, and kill her--accounting for her current depression.


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