Wadi Rum
Home Not far from Petra is Wadi Rum, a unique desert landscape with rock formations rising out of a huge bed of sand.  In many respects it resembles Monument Valley in the American Southwest.

Having spent 6 weeks hiking and camping in the American Southwest, I was looking forward to Wadi Rum.  I expected to be totally enchanted.  As it turned out, however, I found the experience to be not particularly to my tastes, largely because the only way to navigate the area is to book a tour with a company running 4-wheel-drive vehicles.

So the experience was enjoyable, but not overwhelming.  What I thought might be three or four nights turned into a one-night stand, since I hastily decided to go to Israel/Palestine for three of my remaining 5 days in the Middle East.





Guides from various tour companies gather to chat at one of the stops





A Bedouin shows a tourist how to play





Walking up a sand drift










In the evening we arrive at a community campsite





We gather after dinner for socializing




which included music from the Bedouins

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