Random shots
Sep 9
Ghzwan and I went walking again, but didn't meet with particularly interesting situations.

We did meet Omer, however


A few days earlier I photographed this woman, walking with her son

And the image immediately resonated with me, for its similarity to ...

...this woman and her son, whom I photographed in La Serena, Chile, early in 2008

It seemed to me that each pair could comfortably slip unnoticed into the other pair's environment
What do you think?
I've been in Jordan and Syria all this month of September, which is Ramadan for the Muslims.  They begin fasting at 4am, and break the fast at 7pm.  

At 7:01pm you can see numerous scenes like this--associates gathering (as here, a group of men who work in a clothing store, sitting on the floor sharing the food) to get their first sustenance of the daylight hours.

But in the hour or two leading up to that feast, the local mosque may look like this scene at King Hussein mosque in downtown Amman.  They're hungry and tired.

Besides being two of the brightest-eyed guys I'd met in Amman,

I loved their message; John Lennon would've loved it

I'm fascinated with the way wares are displayed in different settings.  Sometimes, as in the pyramided spices above, there's a deliberate attempt at aesthetic appeal, and even elegance



Other times, only the most desultory attempt to entice the customer

Adnan Rustrom, another interesting face. 


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