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Mexico is not the only Latin American country to display whimsical outdoor statuary

but it's the one that caught my eye most strongly

this one in Tlaquepaque, a delightful area of Guadalajara

In Puerto Vallarta

the "Bailarines de Vallarta"
exhibit prominently on the malecon (wide walkway similar to a boardwalk)

a favorite of a certain mad German scientist

again in Tlaquepaque, an elegant sweet shop

"We open when we arrive, we close when we leave, and if you come and we are not here, it is no coincidence"

Even John Paul II gets into the spirit


And though not statuary, I can't resist including Frida

here on the wall of a cafe  in Puerto Vallarta

and finally, a slight detour to San Jose, Costa Rica
  Mexican Street Music

One of the great delights in Latin America is the street music
Local performers who appear spontaneously and delight the public
Mexico is rich with such events

In the plaza in Thlaquepaque, Jorqe and his friend appeared, sat down in front of me, and began

Hear Jorge sing (1 minute 30 seconds video)


And on the malecon (walkway fronting the ocean) in Puerto Vallarta

A family band
(great bass player)

Hear the band play (40-second video)


and another family band along the malecon

wild clarinet playing and fierce drumming

Hear the family band play (24-second video)

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