My Tiny House

(Mi pequeña casita) 




Driving along this delightful country road, you turn in...






...mosey on up the driveway, past a clump of fir and cedar








and there it is, all 192 sq ft of it


Four rooms in one







But the porch adds a bit of living space to it, even lets me have a full-size refrigerator


but go ahead, open the door  





The first "room" on the left is the kitchen







with a base cabinet from the Habitat for Humanity store, and a bar sink




Moving to the right from here, the kitchen leaves off and the office begins



The office, with my favorite antique rocker and swivel table for my computer

Black cabinet houses my stereo



Hefty propane stove keeps me toasty




Stepping farther in and looking back, you glimpse the bedroom across from the kitchen


Supporting the bed on this end is my file cabinet, and the rest of the space under the bed contains storage bins on wheels





The southern half of the cottage, with office and living room






This is the view from my chair

I love looking out on my property, and the 4' x 8' window helps a lot





Cedar paneling on both long walls

And one somewhat unique touch is the cedar paneling along the ridge of the ceiling



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