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Home Machu Picchu is the pre-eminent "must see" site in Peru.  It represents the pinnacle of Inca civilization, during the 15th and 16th centuries.  It was, in fact, a gathering place for the best minds of that civilization, in science, agriculture, hydrology, and other endeavors.

There are many websites that amply document the wonders of Machu Picchu, many with superb photos and videos, so there is little point in my attempting that.

I will limit my presentation to a few selected comments and photos, followed by a short photo tour of the site.

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This photo is taken from Machu Picchu, and graphically shows the dramatic setting.  

The access road can be seen at lower right, along the base of Mt. Happiness




The road leading to Machu Picchu is fairly dramatic in itself




But then the first overview of the site is  really quite impressive.

This view is from a point near the Funerary Rock Hut (see map below)

The Central Plaza is the large green area, in the center of the photo below



Two lovely friends, Nicole and Tasha




The Central Plaza separated the ceremonial area (on the left) from the residential/industrial area (on the right)




Looking back, then, from the Central Plaza area to the Funerary Rock Hut, which is essentially the highest point in the site




One striking feature is the meshing of cut stone with naturally-occurring stone.

This provided great stability, which was a concern in a site so precariously perched.




The elegance and precision of some of the cut stone is a much-remarked feature




But much of the stonework of Machu Picchu is of  more casual construction




Here, both precision and casual stonework




Here's Luis, cleaning some of those tens of thousands of stones




The Incas often used terracing as a major feature in their agriculture, but in Machu Picchu it contributed greatly to the stability of the site

Following is a short photo tour of Machu Picchu



This tour will begin at the lower left portion of this map, with the Ceremonial Baths and Temple of the Sun

and proceed clockwise





Temple of the Sun (with white tarp covering) and the ceremonial baths



Another view of theTemple of the Sun and the ceremonial baths, from below



The Sacred Plaza, which opens onto 1) the The Principal Temple (just below the stairs), 2) the Temple of the Three Windows (toward the courtyard) and 3) the House of the High Priest (more enclosed space toward the foreground)





Temple of the three windows



Behind the Sacred Plaza, stairs lead to Intihuatana...




...which is actually a sundial





and back down the other side



and at the far end, between the two huts...




...the Sacred Rock




Then working our way back on the other side of the Central Plaza




The area of the 3 Portals




The Residential and Industrial Sectors




The Prison Group



And back to the Funerary Rock Hut

So very much has been left out on this short tour.  I have almost 200 photos of Machu Picchu, many with different perspectives of the various features.
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