Peru coast, south of Lima


I flew from Santiago, Chile, to Lima, where I spent several uneventful days.  I then headed south along the coast.



The first few miles are along the ocean beaches




We then encounter towns like this, with rough-built dwellings.


Peru is a poor country, and these towns show it.



My first impressions were that nothing is ever finished, nothing is repaired


Along the way I started seeing these "motos", 3-wheeled taxis that are made in India

Numerous towns in Peru have these




In Pisco it was exceedingly rare to see a private car.

Everyone gets around with these taxis, most of which are decorated with the owner's whimsy



This one says "I am faithful, don't insist"




Another very popular mode of transport in Peru is the non-motorized tricycle



Extremely versatile


For cargo




or, in Ricardo's case, just relaxing in



Street food is much more ubiquitous in Peru than in Chile

Here's Marie selling bread




Carmen Rosa concocting a blend of juices



Want a little coconut juice?











Now that's fresh!




As always, the central plaza is a gathering place for the town




Watching art being created on the spot

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