The Selstad Tribe
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Family of Anders (Anna's brother)





Anders and Maria


Home of Knut & Solveig, on Samnangerfjord




Family of Maria  (Anna's sister)





Mary and Einar, with Martha




Mary and Einar



Anders and family

Ragnar, Aasta, Tordis, John, Mary, Einar, Maria, and Anders

Siblings of Johan
Family of Edward (brother of Johan)





Arthur and Anka Miller




Elling, age 25









Family of Ida

Ida's 80th birthday



Johan and Johanna Rendal



Laila 1992





Laila at Stavanger


Laila with Ida


Reidar & Dagmar Rendal


Solveig Myhrel


Sven & Ida family

Sven & Ida family







Inge and Hilda





Martin & Jette Selstad



Christmas in Parkland, WA







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