A Cabin for Steve


The project was siding and trim




Yeah, it's done



David nails the last chunk on




then chills a bit



Relaxing at the Brew Pub in beautiful downtown Republic



Ah yes, living high at Madonna's

In May 2010 Steve, David, Dale, Bob, Sonya, and Lee 

descended on 10 acres four miles from Republic, WA

After 7 days of work and wrestling with wind, rain, and snow 

we had a cabin with a roof





We arrive and start setting up camp






























Welcome to Geezerville




But let's head to the cabin--down this track a coupla hundred feet





Love those massive pillars and massive beams





We build the back wall, then put it aside





Then build the front wall...





...and begin raising it...




...with a few pauses to ponder whether the flex in those vertical 2x4s was a threat to safety




But a couple of hours and a few patient adjustments later, the wall was up





So one end wall is added




And half the back wall is brought back





And the other end wall





The rafter crafter





The buddha ponders all...


...or he may be levitating that plywood up the slide




A fairly typical scene through the week

The  thermostat for the fire pit malfunctioned




Bob and Sonya



Yeah, that's what it looks like--snow

We must've had a dozen or more small sessions of the stuff





Sweet feeling when that roof was finally on




Dunno how these people will be able to live, knowing their end wall is upside down



Two brothers and two brothers





Happy and proud...





...and pooped




The cabin site has a great view of the Kettle River Range




The final act was to mount the weather vane

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