Vietnam Transport

a sequel to similar posts re India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos



You've just bought a fridge

And you want home delivery, right?

No problem


This is in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, where all manner of transport mingles rather gracefully

These two women employ a ganh--a sturdy but flexible wood slat...



 ...that is ubiquitous among Hanoi street vendors



In other human-powered transport, I saw this Hoi An woman pulling a load of bricks (imagine the weight!)



the long-handled two-wheel cart is a staple for moving goods



and can occasionally be seen behind a motorbike



and of course the old faithful, the bicycle, is everywhere



My favorite, though, was this Hoi An woman in the brown shirt



who runs a ferry service across to the island you see in the background



I didn't want to go to the island,

I just wanted to ride with her



so I did a round trip



The motorized alternative is this kind of ferry,






heavily laden with motorbikes




and a few pedestrians


I never got over my amazement at the loads carried by bi- and tricycles


but of course they overload the motorized versions, too



along with precarious balancing acts



Trailers are common in Vietnam

but not with the elegant trailer hitches seen in Cambodia



They do have some highly useful racks



but you're welcome to just load it on




Remember the auto rickshaw in India?

Used prominently as taxis

(also found in Peru, imported from India)



in Vietnam there are very few such vehicles

and they're downgraded to cargo transport



except occasionally



There are, however, many bicycle rickshaws



as in a number of other countries I've visited, Vietnam has interesting variations on self-powered vehicles for the handicapped

here, the steering wheel is also the pedal


This cargo jitney is simplicity itself

I've even seen them plying the public roads

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