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This is Geiranger fjord, which I passed on a driving trip from Tonsberg to Alesund





On that same trip, we passed this stavkirke (stave church) in Lom





...and stayed in this sod-roof cabin

Ok, that's it--scenic, historic, and authentic Norway

Why only three photos?  Because if you Google "Norway photos" you get 895,000 results, many of which will give you your fill of stunning shots of fjords, mountains, and endless trees.  

Also because I didn't take many photos.

But what I really want to show you is a park in Oslo filled with a couple hundred statues.  It fascinated me way beyond my initial expectations.

  Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway


This is the cat that did it all

Good old Gustav




The statues comprise three main groups--those deployed along the esplanade (above), those clustered around the fountain (above), and those clustered around the obelisk (below)
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Along the esplanade




Some simple figures,





But many, many more that represent human relationships


In fact, it was the human element that captivated me here.  I'm not normally attracted to statuary (I can do without images of generals on horseback)--though I still expect to be awed by the David if I ever get to Florence--but to see compassion, sensitivity, tenderness, playfulness, and subtle emotions worked out in the cold material of these figures, just blew me away.




This man agreed

I found him thoughtfully viewing this rendering of woman and child

He had recently lost his mother, and this image resonated with him

Recall that I spoke of sensitivity, tenderness, compassion.  Not much so far, but don't worry, it's coming



And for raw emotion, check out this angry little kid




On the day I photographed all of these, there was bright sun.

On one side of the esplanade that worked to my advantage.  But when shooting against the sun, the shadows overpowered the photos.












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