Koh Trong Homestay


I was in Kratie, eastern Cambodia, and I'd been wanting to do a homestay with a local family.  Here I got the chance.

My room in the guest house overlooked the Mekong River




Over the bank and down a ways was the ferry to Koh Trong Island, site of my homestay



The ferry fleet consisted of the small boat on the right, and the larger ferry straight ahead



I rode the small boat on the way to the island



My boat companion



We approach the island



Off the ferry on the island side, I hire a ride on a motorbike to get to my homestay



Inside, it's a large open space, with a private room on either side of the dining area

Beyond the two blue-colored doors are the kitchen and bath areas



The only electricity in use is this battery-powered fluorescent, and a similar one for the kitchen/bath area



Here's the sum total of the kitchen

Sovanni, wife

Ton, husband

This photo is misleading, because my flash provided almost all the light

Curiously, Sovanni worked mainly in the dark, with a flashlight  



The stove consists of two wood-fired burners



Virtually no shelving, no counter space, no cupboards

The floor handles all

But meet the family









ChyVa, youngest daughter



Sokanha, middle daughter


(eldest daughter was not home)



Vichika, younger son


Vita, elder son, no photo



The three ladies



Languidly lazing away a hot Cambodia afternoon



The whole family rested and relaxed virtually the whole afternoon the two days I was there 


I had one of the private rooms

But the family simply lay down on the bamboo mats with the pillows you see here

Very casual



The water storage




The back yard



Sovanni is visited  by a traveling saleswoman



Guess what we had for dinner that evening



On the ferry for the return to the mainland




This holds one or two cars

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