Walking Neighborhoods


Well, in this case I was also riding

At my homestay, I rented the family bicycle and made a loop around the island, over about two hours



This dirt lane rings the island, with the river on one side, and houses along the other side



Many of the houses are much like the homestay

On stilts, with a large open space on the main floor



Hammocks and work areas on ground floor


Here, a little more elegance than the typical house




Mass-produced pillars waiting to be put to use



Just a few doors down from the homestay, I met No, Sambai, and Rei

They waved me in from the road



and their friend, Sea


Sorry you're so fuzzy, Sea






And as always, the kids



While out in the river, a floating community




Looks inviting and comfortable, no?



On the other side of the island, looking back at Kratie



And another family saw me and invited me in

Meet Thida, Visa, and the mother with no name

(that's what they said)



Cycling along, I come across this rice-grinding plant



Like so much of what happens in poor countries in warm climates, everything is outside



And the family was most friendly, and delighted to be photographed



Across the road from the homestay, kids doing what kids do



A pretty simple distribution system



Not sure




I came across this woman, working in bamboo



for what will eventually be a product similar to this

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