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Chile Travel Report

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My Hosts

The great majority of my time in Chile was spent in hostels, and I was quite fortunate in finding some of the finest hostels I've ever been in.

In the beginning of this travel report I mentioned that my time in Argentina was largely uneventful--with two exceptions.

The two exceptions were 1) the hostel I stayed at in Buenos Aires, Extremo Sur, and 2) two of its guests, Mauricio and Aline, whom I came to know and love, and with whom I attended a milonga (a tango dance event.)  I have since corresponded with Mauricio.

 Extremo Sur hostel, in BsAs.  Diana and Ezequiel are tremendous hosts, and the hostel is lovely

In the San Telmo area







Two weeks in Valparaiso at Hostal Caracol, developed and run by Juan (at center in red shirt)

Great hostel.  Elegant woodwork, comfortable dorm, great staff.

Highly recommended












With Mario and friends






Arguably the finest hostel I've ever stayed at in my life, I spent 2 1/2 weeks wonderful weeks at Hostal Donde Rita in Vicuņa

Smashing breakfasts, superb staff, watched over by the quite wonderful Rita







Patricia, Rita, and Maria Teresa 



In Santiago I was graciously hosted by Elisa, of Valparaiso nightclub singing and dancing fame


Partying with Piscola all around

Coke thanks you, Chile

(Yes, that's a combination of pisco and Coca Cola)



Elisa took me to the top of a mountain near her apartment, to see the Virgin (see her there at the summit?)



Where I was able to help pronounce a blessing on all of Santiago

Rarely have I affected so many people in so little time

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