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Ok, here we go

I flew from Seattle New Year's Day, landing in Buenos Aires 2 January.  I spent the month of January in several cities of Argentina, then February and half of March in Chile.

Why, then, is this travel report keyed just to Chile?  Largely because, with two lovely exceptions (to which I refer in the My Hosts section), my time in Argentina was uneventful.  I took few photos, made little contact with the locals, and basically just hung out (that was after all, my primary goal for the trip).

But in Chile I made some different choices, which resulted in a more varied set of experiences, and infinitely greater interest for me (and for you, I'm hoping).







Chile's incredible length makes for stunning variations in landscape and climate.

I was only in the "Norte Chico" region, the beginnings of the Atacama desert.

Plying the area from Santiago (where red meets gold) north  to Copiapo.


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