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Obviously, this travel report has not been ordered by places I've visited, as many travel reports are.  But Vicuņa, the last town I stayed in for any length of time (2 1/2 weeks) really captivated me--largely because I made a number of good friends there, but also because of the desert climate and topography.  So Vicuņa gets a category of its own.


Head east from Vicuņa a few kilometers, and you come to an intersection

Further east are the Andes Mountains, but south are more towns of the Elqui Valley in just a few kilometers





The Elqui Valley is famous for its production of  grapes from which are made Pisco, a brandy-like liquor

Pisco Sour is a popular drink, as is Piscola (pisco with Coca Cola)




Grape-growing right up the hillsides





Al Cielo

(To the sky)

In case you're not sure where you are






Relaxed mode of transport





Whimsical statuary in Pisco Elqui





Past Alcohuaz the road finally dwindles down to a a rough trail




While plying the back roads near Vicuņa I came across a Hare Krishna compound

Krishna (pictured here) welcomed me and showed me around





Baby Krishna





Inside the prayer room





Their float in Vicunņ's festival parade


One of the groups of teenagers that broke into "Feliz Navidad" when they saw me

We had a great time together




They performed for me

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