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Tivoli Neighborhood
February 2016


Here's Liv in Parque Cespedes, the main plaza, which anchored our stay in Santiago

overseen by the very elegant cathedral

From there we headed down San Basilio, to the Tivoli neighborhood  

and chanced to meet Jacqlin, Mary, and Susan

Delightful chat, including a tour of Mary's house

Looking back up the hill

and on through a neighborhood of mixed quality

some houses lived in

some past their prime

and made our way a couple of blocks over, to Jose Antonio Saco, a pedestrian walkway that extends from the water (Bay of Santiago de Cuba) to Plaza de Marte

Dramatic difference in the level of restoration here, isn't there?


working our way down to the water

to Parque Alameda, a huge park that fronts the Bay of Santiago de Cuba

where we met Albert, Ormel, and Leonel

chatting and singing merrily for half an hour

we've since corresponded by email

Heading back up the hill

we're again delighted by the bold colors


We encounter Amarilli, and stop for a pleasant chat

and farther up the hill

the neighborhood water delivery

wending our way back up to our casa, we pass the Padre Pico stairs, built in honor of beloved priest Bernardo del Pico Redin
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