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East from Parque Cespedes

We head north a block from Parque Cespedes, to the pedestrian-only street Enramadas (on the map as Jose  Antonio Saco)

approaching Parque Serrano, we encounter a cluster of men

What's so intrigueing 

ah yes!

dominoes, which ranks right up there with baseball for Cuban pastimes 
walking on, we stop at the post office  

While Liv is buying stamps a local man(name withheld) struck up a conversation with me

With no urging on my part, he declared that he has two sessions of sex every evening

When his wife joined us, I asked her for confirmation, and she added, Yes, and once more in the morning! 

What a guy!

It was the day before Valentines Day (yes, even in Cuba)


Nearby, we stopped for lunch at Plaza de Dolores

which never suffers from a lack of serenading musicians 

Heading east, past Plaza de Marte, we pass two well-presented produce stands  

This was not a poor neighborhood 

And on to the Moncada Barracks, site of an ill-fated attack by the revolutionaries in 1953

See those holes in the wall? (the result of shelling)

They were once filled in, but later re-emptied, for authenticity

We hired a guide, Odalis... 

...who posed beside a collage of fallen revolutionaries 

the building now also houses a school 

Toward evening, we visit Plaza de Marte, a popular gathering place--not least because it's a wifi hotspot 

We spent a delightful hour chatting with local youths--here Reynoldo, Andris, and Andrey

We have since corresponded with them by email
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