Alan's 70th and Erik Memorial
Home May 24, 2014 Lee's place in Tenino

We gathered to celebrate Alan's 70th birthday, and to celebrate Erik, who passed from us May 2014

First, our profound sadness

Erik and Kaitlyn

The big 70

Alan Jini

Alan Johan

Dale Alan

Dale Lee Alan

Saturday dinner


Jini Colette

Jini Colette Alan


Johan Scott


Kim DeeDee


The group on Sunday

minus Dale Margareth Colette

Steve Dale Dave

The guys and Lyla

Front: Lee Lyla

Rear: Dave Dale Scott Alan Johan

The guys at the peak of their expressive capacities

The Ladies

DeeDee Shelby Colette Jini Kim Lyla Margareth

The encampment

Around the fire pit


The plaza

New kid on the block

the Thursday after this special weekend, Momma brought her new one to graze where Dave&Kim had parked

First time I'd seen this little guy

Wish I'd taken this photo
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