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2017 Lovella after Stroke

2017 Dale's 80th Birthday

2014 Celebrating Alan and Erik

2013 Vi and Ron's 50th

2012 Selstad Picnic

Seattle and Vancouver, Sep 2011

Building Steve's  Cabin, 2010/11

Lunch in Seattle, Sep 27 2009

Lovella and Kingsley celebrate 60 of 'em

David and Kim's reception, Bend, 2005

Wayne and Ellen's wedding, August, 2008

Alma's 90th Birthday Party, 2004




The Gilchrist Tribe - Siblings of Curtis  

Curtis' Memorial

Family of Curtis and Alma

        The Alma Gallery

Family of Colette and Lee

     Colette's Ministerial Graduation, 2011

Miscellaneous Family Photos

Lee's School Days


The Selstad Tribe - Gen 0, 1, 2

The Selstad Tribe - Anna

The Selstad Tribe - Norway

The Selstad Tribe - Alma's siblings

The Selstad Tribe - Montana and Norway

The Selstad Tribe - Siblings of Johan & Anna

The Selstad Tribe - Val's Collection





Ashfield Fall Festival 2010

Tumwater 1946




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