...and oh, those saris!


Home Traveling in the Central Highlands of the Andes Cordillera in Peru, I never tired of seeing the traditional dress of the indigenous people.  Mostly women, but men also.



A woman in Cuzco

And so it is in India.  In no other country I've visited are the traditional modes of dress in such widespread use.  And the sari is front and center.

Take a gander




Exhibit A is Amolika, a colleague of mine in New Jersey, now living in Pune, India




Here set to dine out with hubby Vikram




The rich variety of colors and patterns are often stunning




 A woman I photographed at the Taj Mahal (where I spent more time with people than with the monument)




Again, at the Taj





These people are waiting for a train

It's typical to simply sit on the platform, anywhere there's space




But sometimes there's a similarity 

These women from the state of Gujarat were sitting in a group at the Taj




Love those faces!




And these women in Mamallapuram are associated with a local temple








And to demonstrate the versatility of the sari, here a woman on the ghats of Varanasi uses hers as cover for changing clothes



Indian people--both men and women--are extraordinarily adept at doing a full clothes change in public, all without ever exposing themselves




My friend Usha from Mamallapuram




 Usha again




And 3 lovely ladies at the temple in Kanchipuram




And I couldn't resist capturing just this beatific face




Banu, elegant seller of textiles




and with her sister Asha




I think the sari weighs more than she





There seems to be little difference between dirt-poor and relativelhy well-off women, in the vibrancy and elegance of their saris

I have seen women in Mumbai doing street cleaning, clothed in saris as if they're going to a ball

I have seen women doing construction work in saris





And here with cargo




Murima and Beratumi, garbage collectors in Mamallapuram





and the next day




Rajisuri, hotel maid in Mamallapuram


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