Varanasi (Benares)


Home I spent 9 days here, and loved them all.


My guest house room directly overlooked the Ganges River and the ghats (the long bathing areas fronting the river).



  I awoke every morning to a sunrise like this.



My room was one of three along a splendid balcony.

Looking to my left, tourist boats are already plying the river



And to the right, the fleet of boats, with the ghats extending as far as the boats




Just below me, boats linger, surrounded by pigeons, I think




All along the ghats there is activity









...clothes washing...



...body washing...



Curiously, I have no photos of this




...women gathered in the Indian version of a tupperware party

And not far away are the burning ghats, where cremations take place daily.  Photography is strictly forbidden there, and I honored that

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