Pushkar Camel Fair


Home In the northwest of India, in the desert state of Rajasthan, is the town of Pushkar, population 14,000 that explodes to 200,000 during  their annual camel fair, which attracts thousands of camel traders, who encamp on the plains outside the city.




There are usually about 50,000 camels here



Great fun strolling among them, smiling, waving, watching them









And watching them watch me










They set up housekeeping right where they landed--some in tents...






...some under their wagons..






...but wherever, no sending out for sausage pizza--they brought their kitchen with them, they fed themselves...





...and their camels



and they gracefully meet their other daily needs...

....scoop a hole in the sand, lay a little waterproof fabric, find some water, and voila





After a well-rehearsed succession of folds, tucks, and swishes





the whole body is bathed, and clean clothes donned


One curious thing--which dawned on me later--was that I never saw any commercial activity.  No central market plaza, no sign of one-on-one trading.  Hmmm.  How did I miss it?  I still don't know.  Does that mean I have to go back?


But I did meet a few camels




Here's the comedy team of Abdul and Amir




and here's Jimmy



Strolling, I heard a horrible wailing and gnashing of teeth

This guy didn't like having his ears trimmed




One interesting enterprise here.  Camels shit.  

Women gather the turds...




...spread them out in the sun to dry

(remarkably like the grape/raisin scheme, no?)







I'm sure that by now you've all googled to confirm that camel turds really are that small.

Are they?

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