Taj Mahal


Home You really can't visit Peru without seeing Machu Micchu (well, I know at least one person who missed it because of the mudslides, but...) and if you go to Jordan you must go to Petra.

And you can't skip the Taj Mahal.

If you've perused my other travel reports, you know I don't photograph a lot of buildings or monuments.  Yes, I did Machu Picchu, and Petra.  But I prefer to capture people.  Nevertheless, enjoy...





As you approach the gateway to the Taj, you think "Hmmm, I thought it was pure white."

Then you catch your first glimpse of the real thing




Walk a few more meters or feet, and its glory starts to shine




Then you're on the grounds, seeing the whole thing





The main structure is flanked on either side by a mosque--itself an elegant and imposing structure





Looking back at the gateway to the grounds

Curiously, the inside of the Taj gave no good photo opportunities (or I didn't image them, at any rate)  

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