India Transport


India moves forward on two and three wheels, to an extent that most developed countries can't relate to


It was in Fethiye, Turkey, that I first started seeing these three-wheeler vehicles


Here for cargo



Then in Peru I encountered them, and was told that they were imported from India

These were in Pisco, Peru




I became quite fascinated with the way cargo and passengers are transported in these countries.  The range of options is seemingly infinite, with choices being totally appropriate to the task at hand--in many cases stretching the tool close to its limits

In the USA and other developed countries, the gradations are not nearly as fine





Let's start with no-wheel transport

Pretty basic




Add a couple of wheels, and start taxing the capacity




The basic bicycle is everywhere in India

Sumir peddles fish from his



Add a third wheel, and in this case hand pedals




Here, too




Garbage collection in Mamallapuram




Do you like your cargo in front?




Or in back?




In back makes it easier to enlist help




Check out these elegant carriages




Built for royalty, in the Land of the Small?




A Conestoga knock-off



An Indian version of a sound truck




A pretty basic 4-wheeler, with minimal steering capability



Cargo hauling, yes.

But a ready-made mobile market, also






Now on to the motorized stuff

Throughout Asia, motorbikes/motor scooters/motorcycles are ubiquitous




Commonly in the 100cc to 150cc range




But the real charmers are the 3-wheelers

Start with a pretty simple frame and body




and then introduce a seemingly endless variaty of superstructures


Here's the vanilla auto rickshaw




Useful for cargo as well as humans



Here's a slightly more spacious version of the basic auto rickshaw



This will prolly hold upwards of 50 people

Limit yet to be found




And then a micro bus






And in the grand Indian tradition, torture its capacity




My favorite cargo hauler is this articulating truck, again with the basic 3-wheeler cab and engine




And again, test its capacity

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