Walking Neighborhoods   Part 2


Home I went into Pune today to do a bit of shopping, before leaving India for Bangkok tomorrow night

Along the Pune/Mumbai highway I had seen a number of times a cluster of slum dwellings, and decided to saunter along it and see what it brings




I learned later, though, that this isn't a true slum

It's an encampment of nomads





In the first dwelling I approached a family was manufacturing cricket paddles



From there I strolled over to another cluster, and was instantly surrounded by curious residents--all open and friendly

Almost as if I really belonged there





All eager to be photographed


This little guy came with a present for me




I didn't realize until later that the miniature cricket paddle he was holding didn't make it into the photo


Lovely present, from those in such humble surroundings!




Except this little guy, who never warmed up to me




And a few strays in the neighborhood were not impressed with this weird foreigner in their midst




And this guy was totally puzzled by the whole goings on

But overall, they were so vital, so fearless, so friendly

How to account for that, given the dismal nature of their habitations?

When I learned that they were nomads, and not true slum-dwellers, I understood better





This old gal was completely unmoved





Is that a face or a map?

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