Village Visit--Ban Thin Pha




Arriving at the next village, Thin Pha


Still drizzly




Vibrant classes, clearly industrious




anxious to show us their handiwork



on to another class



again with elegant work to show



the third class



the fourth and youngest class


they sang for us, and I sang "I Like the Sunrise" for them



And we presented books and materials to Pandi and her colleague, the only two teachers present that day



The school is constructed in an L shape, common in this part of Asia



Pandi, teacher



we stroll the village




chatting with this woman...



a crowd of 12 or 15 kids gather to look us over

but the minute I paid attention to them, they giggled and fled...



...but I coax them back



but never got them fully rounded up


Check out this little guy's independent demeanor

born leader?




Gikong in front of one of the more modern houses of the village

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