Village Visit--Ban Xieng Mouark

Big Brother Mouse is an organization in Laos that produces children's books and delivers them to rural children, many of whom have little access to books of any sort


I contacted them, and arranged with Gikong, one of their authors, to accompany me on a visit to several villages, where we'd deliver packets of books to the local schools


We set out from Luang Prabang, and are soon heading into hill country




in a Changan, a small truck made in China

With bench seats mounted on the bed, it's known as a tuk tuk (one of many flavors) in Laos



We broke down en route (loose connection to the coil) but the driver soon got us up and running



We arrive at the village school



A well-constructed building


My Norwegian friend Ivar joined me on this jaunt

He's from Kristiansand, but currently living in the Philippines




We first visited PangLi's class



then to another class




and another



after which we presented Pan Xai Yak Sak, the school director, with two packets of books, two packs of blank exercise books, and two boxes of ballpoint pens

Here with Ivar and Gikong




After leaving the school we strolled the village streets




A dreary, overcast, drizzly day




 with most families doing just this:  keeping warm by a fire



We moved on to the next village, pausing only for this Laotian traffic jam

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