The Mighty Mekong

The River Runs Through



From the Tibetan Plateau, this river runs through China's Yunnan province, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam


I first encountered the Mekong River on the bus ride from Siem Reap (home of Angkor Wat) to Kratie, in eastern Cambodia



The highway was not running adjacent to the river




 but I caught occasional glimpses




each one a delicious respite from an otherwise unremarkable landscape



In Kratie my hotel overlooked the Mekong




I've always loved walking the piers in yacht harbors and observing the activity

Here was no exception



In Luang Prabang I had my second occasion to take a ferry across the Mekong



and watch the river traffic 





These longboats ply the Mekong on journeys 8 hours and more north of Luang Prabang





Luang Prabang, from a temple across the Mekong



And the Mekong sunsets are worth hanging around for

This one in Kratie



but this one in Luang Prabang, Laos, was the most delicious

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