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It's always good to orient oneself to where you are in the universe!

As for me, I was having dinner while overlooking the Mekong, my favorite river...

...while chatting up fellow travelers

Brandon, a Scot

Noi, from Thailand

they met online, and live together in Scotland

One evening in Luang Prabang I attended an evening of traditional storytelling, in a small, intimate theater

It was presented with humor and grace

and lovely music

(be sure your sound is turned on)
18-second video

Luang Prabang has many wats (Buddhist temples)

elegant in the daytime...

...dazzling at night


with lots of saffron clad young monks


...when they're not touring the town for donations of food and rice

Vankom, Lan, and Lek

owners of my guest house in Luang Prabang

Another evening I attended a dance performance in another intimate theater

A total of six dancers, in 5 segments

 accompanied by a 3-piece band

Lao Phane

(be sure your sound is turned on)
27-second video

Phao Hmong

16-second video


32-second video

Dok Champa

22-second video

Nang Keo

38-second video

They take their bows

What's the most wasted food in the world?

My vote would go to bananas, given the mass availability everywhere and the rapid rate of ripening
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