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During my 2011 visit to Laos I met Gikong (right), whose mission is to put books in the hands of poor children in outlying villages

He led Ivar (left) and me on a village visit to present a few bundles of books to 3 schools in 3 villages

I connected with Gikong again this year

He and I visited the village of Ban Na Auw, driving there in a tuk tuk (taxi)

Immediately after being dropped off, we were greeted by these Hmong kids

The Hmong people are an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand

Soon more gathered around

We were supposed to visit this school, to distribute books

but discovered it was closed that day

So Gikong suggested we distribute the books to this group of kids

one of whom thanked me

then proceeded to walk through the village


a poor but lively village

meeting people


and my personal favorite, these tiny persons

It turned out that this village is a popular stop for tourists...

...with locals selling their lovely crafts

and even our original greeters met us at the end of our walk

their role of salespeople explained their being fully decked out in traditional dress
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