Walking Neighborhoods 



Sittwe is the gateway to Mrauk U,  on the west coast of Myanmar


There I met Khaing, who is an English teacher


She strolled with me through some of her neighborhoods




and introduced me to Oung Kyaw Zan


who himself teaches English


here with a student




he's a repository of information about the Arakan/Rakhine state and its people




then we walked through the market to the waterfront


that's Khaing in blue skirt, with her son Naing learn Oo



and on to a monastery, where this monk resides


he might get lonely




but he has company




some young monks






Campaign truck of the Arakan Liberation Party






Public well







Typical Myanmar


woman with sun shade riding a trishaw


primary form of taxi




Carrying the catch to market



Along Main Street


as I've said elsewhere, everything seems to happen outside, and on the ground



Merike, a friend from Estonia, walked with me in a Sittwe Park


kids swarmed around us




we clowned with them


even when we tried to walk away, they kept gathering around us




but who can resist them?





I loved looking at them





those faces





those eyes!





What a charmer, eh?

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