Going to Mrauk U

and those 150 temples


"Off the beaten path" surely applies to Mrauk U

A tourist cannot get there by road.  You must take a boat.

Not a bad alternative, though, if you love boats

(and I do)





You have to first get to Sittwe, on the west coast



Feels like a frontier town of the old American West




Stay overnight

Grab a boat next morning

It's a two-level passenger boat

Find a seat here on the top deck





Shove off from the dock





accompanied by your own elegant escorts






and join the other river traffic



watch how the locals live

(not quite in the water, not quite on the land)



then begin to meet the other passengers




keeping an eye out for life along the river


those stupas are likely to show up most anywhere



alternately enjoying the company


on board



and on shore




finally landing at Mrauk U

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