People, Livelihoods, & Merchandising







Playing the sitar in Valparaiso, Chile





Bulk eggs in Valparaiso, Chile





Also in Valparaiso, a street vending cart, run by...





...this woman, who showed much more than I asked for when I requested a photo




In Copiapo, Luis Rojas sells coca




Back in Wadi Music, the tailor Mohammed and I became good friends









Along with his two charming boys, Momen and Majed





Ghzwan, my interpreter in Amman, posing as a tailor.

At the end of my Jordan/Syria trip, Ghzwan  agreed to call on my cell phone, both Mohammed (the tailor just above) and Anas, the Damascus craftsman at the beginning of the first of these two pages.

Both were quite delighted at hearing from me.

Thanks, Ghzwan





Shoe repair shop in Wadi Musa





The disarray in this small shop seemed to be typical of many small shops in this region





...such as this furniture repair shop in Amman





Another attractive presentation of food for sale, in Amman





Mousha and Wahil, in Wadi Musa




Nabil, in black










Fabric sales in the streets of Amman





Tea vendor in Amman.  How much fresher could it get?




And the oldest livelihood, two old prostitutes in Copiapo, Chile





And two young prostitutes, also in Copiapo

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