People, Livelihoods, & Merchandising


I'm always fascinated by how people put their lives together--their choices regarding work and living arrangements, etc.

I'm also fascinated by how people who are in the business of selling goods market and display those goods, and I often try to guess their mindsets--i.e., how they must think about what they're trying to sell.

Following is a random collection of interesting faces, snaps of various people's ways of making a living, and photos of merchandising modes.



No great significance, but I love the golden glow of this photo.

Paola and Gloria run the small vegetable stand that I frequented.






Seeing me, he quickly invited me in for tea, and we became fast friends





He does engraving, calligraphy, etc.





In Amman, a most attractive presentation of wares





My bus driver from Wadi Rum to Wadi Musa





Live chicken shop in Wadi Musa, Jordan





This open-air shop is typical of shops in both Jordan and Syria (and in much of the Middle East, I suppose)





My favorite barber in Damascus




Here you see more graphically the row of identical open-air shops, in Damascus





With the craftsmen working right where you can see them




A hookah shop in Damascus





Juice vendor in Amman





Past retirement age, this man  was at work every day I was in Damascus.

I never saw him in any other position than this.  Check out this stool he uses.





Laundry and dry cleaners, probably with his son





And delivering dry cleaning in Mendoza, Argentina





Back in Wadi Musa, Jordan, a hardware store specializing in fixtures for squat toilets





The hookah man at BooksCafe in Amman, hangout for expats





Instrument repair shop in Damascus





Joseph, in Wadi Musa





Two mimes in Coquimbo, Chile





Norman Ponce, singer of romantic songs, in Coquimbo, Chile





In La Serena, Chile, performing (juggling) for motorists, for small change





In Coquimbo, Chile, a wonderful French restaurant...

 by owner/chef Pascal

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