Muong Khuong

featuring the Sunday market


Muong Khuong is in the north of Vietnam, not far from Sapa, one of the half dozen most prominent tourist destinations in the country

It is home to a number of hill tribes, indigenous people who still retain some of their traditional dress and customs



It's a hill town, as you might gather from the landscape surrounding my hotel



But come with me down the other way, let's look for the Sunday market



first we come across this lot where horses are traded



like this one

includes the well-padded (for the horse) saddle


guys, just tuck your testicles into that center slot

you'll be comfortable, right?

you first


ok, maybe that's just the unit that holds the actual saddle

I'll check



so we walk a little farther, seeing goods being brought to market



hey, little girl, wait...





will I ever get tired of photographing these wonderful faces?


not likely


but the market?

oh yeah, we found it




Every self-respecting market has a place to get something to eat

whether sit-down



or take-away fast food


tended by some Hmong women



and speaking of Hmong women...




don't you love the intricate patterns in their costume?




they don't seem to want to look you in the eye




except this one



oh, and this one



in every country I visit, mothers are delighted when you pay attention to their kids


but back to food at the market


you can buy all the ready-to-cook beef you want here



or buy a live version



or wait for the next generation



women from the Giay tribe, peddling bulk grain


do you need protection from the sun?


sample the conical hats, Vietnam's signature headwear



time out for a brief snack



back on the street, yet another Hmong woman

I love this pert young lady, with traditional hat and motorbike helmet

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