People I've Met




I walked into a camera store in Hanoi and saw Son





elegantly turned out, warmly engaging



reminiscent of Uncle Ho



I saw him twice more, each time so pleasant


Damn, he's really short, isn't he?



Walking in Hoi An, I saw this phalanx of school kids approaching



are they waving to me?



One of my missions is to teach all Asian kids to High-5



so I High-5'd the first ones I met




after that they all wanted in



even the teacher


(ever try to high-5 and take pictures at the same time?)



Strolling in the area outside Friendship Village, I had a lovely chat with Ngoc Oanh


she spoke good enough English that she was able to translate when these two men happened along


They welcomed me heartily and graciously



LeThom, manager of my guest house in Hanoi, Minh Dung



On the train from Danang to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) I chatted merrily in the dining car with Loc



he and his friends were a lively, congenial bunch



While on the train to Lao Cai with Huong, I had wonderful conversations with Minh and Linh




their mother, Chien



Chuc runs a tailor shop near my guest house


I passed her numerous times, always with a friendly greeting



In Southeast Asia I missed the lavish, ubiquitous displays of Indian saris


but the traditional costume of Vietnam, the ao dai, can be quite elegant 




it is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pantaloons


it's not worn as an everyday garment, as is the sari



I caught these ladies outside the opera house in Hanoi







and persuaded them to pose for me


they were part of a wedding entourage



Van, expert masseuse in Hoi An

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