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Mar 13 - Dining in Santiago(Cenando en Santiago) (Eng/Esp)

Mar 12 - Into the barrio (En el Barrio)  (Eng/Esp)



Mar 4 - In and around Vicuņa

Feb 19 - Singing in the plaza (Cantando en la Plaza) (Eng/Esp)

Feb 18 - Vicuņa hiking

I spent 3 months in South America in 2008 (Jan, Feb, Mar), and I liked Chile and the little town of Vicuņa, so I returned here in November 2008.  I spent four months there, then Mar 14 flew to Lima, Peru.

See my Chile Travel Report from early 2008 for tons of photos from Chile

I hope you'll forgive that this blog is partly self-indulgent (as, I suppose, my whole website is).  That is, it is not only for your enjoyment, but for me to reminisce with later


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