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Sunday in the Park with Claudia



Sunday afternoon in Copiapo's plaza, a large gathering of motorcycles for a rally.

Competition (who can go the slowest along a track), companionship (numerous clubs)





So catching a little of the local color, I ask to photograph some of the Ruteros






Then they ask to photograph me






Then they induct me






Always on the lookout for new talent, I ask a young woman if I can photograph her


Meet Claudia






Whereupon she asks if I'd like a ride on this trike.

Of course I respectfully decline

Like hell!





So under the gaze of an impressive bunch of spectators, we're off






And for the next 10 minutes we tour Copiapo in style



Arriving back at the plaza, Claudia's father, Josť, invited me to join his family for an authentic Chilean lunch

Again, I'm gonna say no?  Not hardly

Josť, wife Palusa, Claudia, father Josť, mother Olga, Marie Olga, Camilla

Had a lovely lunch, swam in the pool, actually conversed in Spanish

Authentic Chilean hospitality

Wonderful family

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