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Outdoor mural art




First to Valparaiso, home of  tons of casual outdoor art

"Sin ti soy todo"

 "Without you I am everything"

I love it!






Valparaiso's outdoor art is monumental in scope:  it's everywhere--on walls...





in mini-plazas with exquisite tile work...





from funky, amateurish efforts...









to elegant, finely-executed pieces





from expressions of pure whimsy...






to overtly political statements.

Check out the complexity of the art at this house...







On the left, the scales of justice, with $ outweighing everything 

On the right, America's lady of liberty with an armload of munitions





And inside the gate...

"You can cut all the flowers"

"But you can't stop Spring!"




...and the bottom panel, more political imagery



But an American corporation  contributing to community art!

How quaint!


How touching!

An interesting subset, so to speak, of Valparaiso's mural art, is a series of tile plaques installed on numerous houses on Cerro Bellavista.  In the 10 or 12 blocks from Hostel Caracol to San Sebastian (Pablo Neruda's house), I photographed several dozen of these plaque, most with excerpts from poems by Garcia Lorca.

The interesting thing is that they were mounted on ordinary houses, usually right near the main door.


If anyone can provide English translations of these, I'd be delighted to post them.





"All the roses are white

As white as my sadness"

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