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Chile Travel Report

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On the road

Although the primary aim of my trip was to spend my winter where it's their summer, I did visit a number of different cities and regions.

And I broke with my usual routine of taking public transport, to rent a car for a week.  I went from La Serena to Copiapo, and back to Vicuņa.

I used the car to explore a little more of the Elqui Valley, in which Vicuņa lies




North of La Serena a ways, along Route 5 (the Pan American highway)





Land parcels bordering the Pacific Ocean, for a little over $5,000usd




I dearly love the landscape where the desert meets the ocean.  Unbeatable





Incahuasi, a sleepy desert town with no paved roads



Along Route 5

I love the subtle changes in coloring





A small oasis of green in an arid landscape




Interesting coloration of variously exposed strata

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