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In Vicuņa's plaza I found Cecilia and Lucy, daughter and mother




Here's Ana Del Carmen of Vicuņa




Strolling in Diagita, a town near Vicuņa, I spied Manuel Araya sitting in his doorway.  Love that face!





Ricardo (in Vicuņa) makes friends wherever he goes



Ricardo dries tomatoes in his back yard

They're by far the best I've ever tasted




Luis Rojas in Copiapo







He sells coca





Gilda, in Copiapo

That face seems to have an ineffable sadness--or is it total tranquility?





Ivan plays his charango in Copiapo





Lady in Copiapo




I love talking to prostitutes.  They're so open and candid

Here's two old working girls in Copiapo





And two young working girls in Copiapo

They tend to congregate around one particular bench in the plaza




And two young lovers in Copiapo





Woman with son, in La Serena

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